Ruth Mushynski and Willow Bear complete their first Half Marathon together in the Fall of 2017

Breeder: Ruth

Ruth has a affinity for animals. Growing up in Wisconsin she spent countless hours on her grandparent’s farm tending to the animals, assisting in births and nursing the sick ones back to health. She found her place there.

Ruth went to college in Missouri where she studied two wildly different topics, Art and Business. She found success at her corporate job after school but noticed something was missing… the love and purpose that comes from taking care of animals and bringing people along with her on that journey. As a new breeder, Ruth completed extensive research and decided hybrids where where she wanted to focus her energy; specifically crossing Bernese Mountain Dogs with another breed. It is here where her value for uniqueness and art come together.

Her goal is to find the right puppy for the right family. Connecting a puppy to healthy parents allows the owner to take initiative to train, love and socialize the puppy into their perfect companion dog.





Dame: Willow

Willow was all smiles one day before giving birth to our August 2018 Litter!

Willow is a Beautiful Bernese Mountain Dog who was born in December 2016 and weighs 74lbs. She is one of the friendliest companion pets we’ve ever had. Bernese Mountain Dogs are working dogs known for their good nature, calm personality and physical strength. They often lean on their owners to show affection. They have the potential to have a smooth sleek coat if they are fed a high quality food.

The good: Rarely drool, are good with kids.
The bad: they shed their coat in the spring. Their lifespan is 7-10 years.

Willow’s OFA Results:
Elbows: Normal (Registration No. WS55476308)
Hips: Good (Registration No. WS55476308)

Embark’s Canine Genetic Health Screen returned with Clear Results.
AKC Registration





Sire: Vinny

Meet Our Stud: Mr. Vinny

Vinny is a standard black & white pardi poodle and lives in Lebanon, Mo. He was born February 2016 and is a show dog who has traveled the nation!

It is important to cross a Bernese Mountain Dog with another dog that has a longer lifespan so we can breed out the short lifespan through taking on the long lifespan of the Poodle.

The good: Long Lifespan, Spunky & Smart, Hypoallergenic.
The bad: Must be groomed regularly.

Vinny’s OFA Results are pending!

Gene Results
AKC Registration