Meet The Team

Lead Bernedoodle Breeder Springfield, Mo
Ruth Mushynski and Willow Bear complete their first Half Marathon together in the Fall of 2017



Lead Breeder: Ruth Mushynski-Beagley | Springfield, Mo

Ruth has a affinity for animals. Growing up in Wisconsin she spent countless hours on her grandparent’s farm tending to the animals, assisting in births and nursing the sick ones back to health. She found her place there.

Ruth went to college in Missouri where she studied two wildly different topics, Art and Business. She found success at her corporate job after school but noticed something was missing… the love and purpose that comes from taking care of animals and bringing people along with her on that journey. As a new breeder, Ruth completed extensive research and decided hybrids were where she wanted to focus her energy; specifically crossing Bernese Mountain Dogs with another breed. It is here where her value for uniqueness and art come together.

Her goal is to breed genetically and physically healthy dogs and pair the right puppy to the right family. This will allow the puppy to have the best chance at a long life and the family to have a healthy companion.

Connecting a puppy to healthy parents allows the owner to take initiative to train, love and socialize the puppy into their perfect companion dog.



It Takes A Village – Meet Our Team!


Mini Bernedoodle breeder, Lakemoore, IL
Debbie & Keith are Ruth’s Mom and Dad. They are the grandparents to many Bernedoodles of the Ozarks puppies and help with northern transportation!
Picture of Bernedoodle breeders Green Bay Wisconsin
Aunt Shelby, Uncle Paul & Cousin Alyssa are from Ruth’s side of the family and they breed F2 Bernedoodles in Green Bay, WI

















Jeff is our Leader of Operations, Training and Dog Dad Extraordinaire!
Puppy Nanny, transportation
Meet the wonderful Linda.  She is the grandmother to many Bernedoodles of the Ozarks puppies and Jeff’s Mother! We commonly refer to as our Puppy Nanny! She and Don help us transport our precious puppies to their home