Our Breeding Program

lWe are a small boutique breeder and generally have two to three litters a year, one in the spring and another in the fall and retire the dame after 3 to 4 litters.  We are pretty small so we can breed the best, healthiest, highest quality puppies for each of our families. Inside our home, we incorporate temperament testing at week 6 and assist in working with the families to help pair the right temperament to the right family lifestyle!
We work on kennel training, general sound exposure (hairdryers, dishwashers, automobiles, etc), and when old enough we expose our pups to children and other pets.
Each parent has been researched 3-5 generations back and has gene & health OFA certificates which allows us to make sure we are only breeding the best lifelong companions for our puppy parents!
Over the past year we have built out a network of guardian homes to ensure each mama and papa dog are pets first. This allows us to help breed happy, healthy, quality puppies that come into your home to be your life companion.


Dame: Willow (Da Williz – Lives with Ruth & Jeff)

Bernedoodle mama Bernese Mountain Dog Puppy Mama Missouri

Mama ‘da Williz glowing during her second litter of Bernedoodles!

Willow is a Beautiful Bernese Mountain Dog who was born in December 2016 and weighs 74lbs. She is one of the friendliest companion pets we’ve ever had. Bernese Mountain Dogs are working dogs known for their good nature, calm personality and physical strength. They often lean on their owners to show affection. They have the potential to have a smooth sleek coat if they are fed a high quality food.

Willow’s OFA Results:
Elbows: Normal (Registration No. WS55476308)
Hips: Good (Registration No. WS55476308)

Embark’s Canine Genetic Health Screen returned with Clear Results.
AKC Registration





Dame: Norah (Lovingly known as Little Baby Norah Lives with Ruth & Jeff)

Bringing our Bernese Mountain Dog Puppy Home!
Jeff & Ruth Picking up Norah!

Norah is a Polish imported Bernese Mountain Dog who was born in May 2019 and weighs 94lbs. The term, Gentle Giant sums up her personality quite well.  She is a protector and cuddler.

OFA Results will be done at 2 years of age. They cannot be done earlier.

Embark’s Canine Genetic Health Screen returned with Clear Results.
AKC Registration






Guardian Homes

Dame: Piper & Kathryn (Pipes the dood)

Bernedoodle Dame F1 Bernedoodle Tuxedo
Kathryn & Piper Christmas 2019!

Piper is a lively, goofy F1 Bernedoodle (50% Bernese Mountain Dog, 50% Poodle) and lives with her mama Kathryn in Springfield, MO! They love socializing with other pups at the local dog park and snuggling on the couch! Piper is VERY smart, well behaved and LOVES big kids, little kids and other animals!  She is from Oklahoma and was born January 4th, 2018 and weighs 55lbs.

Pipers first litter of Reverse F1b’s (75% Bernese Mountain Dog, 25% Poodle) was full of beautiful standard tri color and tuxedo puppies! We cannot wait for her next litter expected to go home this August!

Embark’s Canine Genetic Health Screen returned with Clear Results.

Doodles cannot be AKC registered yet.








Sire: Huxley & Ashley (Huck) 

Bernese Mountain Dog Stud Bernedoodle
Huxley taking a break after “Zoomies” in the back yard!

Huxley is a stunning Bernese Mountain Dog that lives with his family in Bolivar, Mo. He was born in March of 2018 and is from Missouri. He is a charming “lap dog” and is amazing with their kiddos.

Bernese Mountain Dogs came to the United States in 1926 and have since become a beloved family pet. They are known for being especially gentle with children, friendly with their family an all around relaxed dog.


Embark’s Canine Genetic Health Screen returned with Clear Results.







Sire: Ringo & Kay (Mr. Bingly)

Sire Stud Poodle Parti BernedoodleRingo is a standard apricot & white pardi poodle and lives with his human, Kay, in Aurora, Mo. He was born August 2014.

It is important to cross a Bernese Mountain Dog with another dog that has a longer lifespan so we can breed out the short lifespan through taking on the long lifespan of the Poodle.

Ringos Gene Results
UKC & AKC Registration #PR17923003







Sire: The Marvelous Marlo
Dame: Pretty Poppy Seed

Marlo is a standard Sable Tri Color F1 Bernedoodle, he lives with his lady Poppy who is a Phantom Tri Color F1 Bernedoodle. They live as family pets with Shelby & Paul in Green Bay, Wi.

Marlo Gene Results
Poppy’s Gene Results