Puppy Pairing Party

Why a Puppy Pairing Party? 

We like to help pair puppies with family’s. When the litter is old enough we will put them through a temperament test and compare the pups personality with the families desires. We will let the families know what kind of personality their first choice has. Based on the answers in the questionnaire, if the personality strongly varies from what the future owner wants, we will assist in paring the proper puppy with each family!

We want to make sure an active puppy has enough room to run and play and may suggest that a future owner who lives in an apartment select one of the pups that has a less active demeanor. Or a family with kids selects a gentle but playful, more energetic pup. Ultimately the new owner will need to invest time into training and socializing their pup in order to shape him or her into the dog they desire.



Below is the adoption questionnaire. If you intend to adopt or just want more information, this is the place to start.