Bernedoodle Pregnancy: Prep Steps!

Anxiously Awaiting the arrival of the pups! It’s getting exciting around here. As you can see in the picture, we’re recording her temperature twice daily awaiting the drop that will give us a solid clue of when she will be going into labor… should be any day now!

  1. Whelping box is made & the puppies living area has been prepared.
  2. All the soft towels and blankets are cleaned and ready to be used!
  3. Our puppy scale came in the mail (thanks Prime!) along with all the supplies we will need to safely bring new life into the world!
  4. Camera Battery is charged (lets hope we can figure out the time-lapse option on the gopro – should be fun).
  5. Had her last vet appointment one week ago. He checked her health and took some x-rays to see how many puppies we can expect!
  6. Felt some puppies kick the other night -needless to say, a pretty exhilarating experience!
  7. We’ve begun Willows mixed diet that consists of her favorite dry dog food, baked chicken, and rice. It is very important we make sure she is able to receive all the nutrients needed to have a safe pregnancy and produce healthy puppies!

Stay tuned, more updates to come!

Bernedoodle Pregnancy: Prep Steps!

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