Bikes, Berners & Missions

A little story for you all:  In early 2011 I was fresh out of college looking for adventure and signed up to ride my bicycle 500 miles down the coast of California with @venture_org to raise money for kids in need with @bobgoff s Love Does tour. 🎈 🚲 🎈 🚲 🎈 🚴

Bernedoodle Breeder
Bernedoodle Breeder Venture Expeditions Love Does Tour

I loved it so much I decided to lead the bicycle tour the following year.


The Skoog Family, open their gorgeous Minnesotan home each year for leadership training. He and his wife leave the home in our hands with one request, “Take care of my dog while you kids learn to lead.” 🐶


This is when I came face to face when the most beautiful #bernesemountaindog – he was an old soul with HUGE paws and I was in love. After that tour I researched #BMDbreeders and found Willows breeder. Mailed in my deposit and waited for sweet Willow to be born.

Bernese Mountain Dog Stud
Bernese Mountain Dog Puppies

Fast forward several years. The Skoog’s Berner had passed away and without knowing the above story, they reached out to add a #Bernedoodle to their family. This December I was honored to send Theo home with them.


Do stuff for people that matters. You never know how a kind gesture can change the course of someone’s life. ❤️

Mini Parti Bernedoodle
Theo the Mini Parti Bernedoodle
Bikes, Berners & Missions

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