Temperament Test

Six Week Check-in:

What an exciting journey this litter has been. Four beautiful boys all with their own personality and spunk. On Wednesday of last week our boys turned six weeks of age. They are now old enough for us to test each puppy’s temperament to see early results. These tests help us predict what the future personality will be and help us pair the puppies to their future families.


A little about the test:

We look at and score each individual puppy on a variety of settings. They include but are not limited to:  sensitivity to noise, reaction to strangers, level of submission, response to call, response to pressure/uncomfortable situation, etc.

The lower the score the more submissive the pup the higher the score, the more energy and training will be needed to channel the energy of the puppy into your dream dog.


A tale:

I have some good friends who went to pick out their new puppy. They quickly fell in love with the puppy that “chose them” by being the first one to greet them as they entered the kennel. When they brought him home, they ended up mortified when they did not have the time or energy to properly train his rambunctious personality and had to make major adjustments to their life in order to acclimate to their new family member.


We decided to temperament test in order to ensure we do our best to give each family and puppy the best chance at a harmonious partnership! With that said, they are still growing and a number of personality traits are still developing. It is important that at the end of the day, each new owner invest time and care into the puppies training to shape the pup into your perfect companion.



Temperament Test

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