Training Starts Now

Training is a tricky subject. Most new owners get enamored by the cute, cuddly, little puppy they have brought home and allow their new companion to get away with little things here or there.


It is so easy to forget these puppies will grow into large dogs and their small, excited, bounce will turn into large, energetic, leaps. Their little couch snuggles will turn into the couch becoming their domain and space.

Target training and positive reinforcement are two of the numerous techniques you can use. We like to follow the structure in The Art of Raising a Puppy  you will find what works best for your family!

For so many reasons, we say, training starts now.  If you are going to bring any puppy home, we strongly encourage you begin to train yourself and suggest you check out Jeff Gellman’s Solid K9 Training Videos on YouTube or check out his website.