Two and a half weeks old!

We have had a great 2.5 weeks with the pups! It has been astounding to watch them grow so quickly over the 18 days they have been alive.

Eyes are almost fully open.
They have begun toddling around the whelping box.
Licking is a new favorite thing for each of the puppies.
They have been given their Bark Box toys and are batting at them gently.

I’ve just got to do a shout out to Yi Home Cameras. They have a phenomenal “baby cam” that has given me peace of mind when I need to leave them for an hour or two to go into the office. I am able to check in, whenever and wherever I want. I can hear and talk to the puppies and capture little moments with a picture or video. We were even able to record Reds first steps on the camera. Pretty cool!

If you ever want to ease your mind, I strongly suggest the Yi Home Camera.


Two and a half weeks old!

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