Whelping Box Weekend! (‘Read More’ for Pictures!)

Well, it’s been quite the busy weekend preparing for our first littler of Bernedoodles!

As a new breeder, we are building everything from the ground up which means we got to spend this weekend in the wood shop (AKA Garage) preparing the strategy and building out a sturdy Whelping box. A Whelping box is where Willow will give birth and the puppies will call it ‘home’ for the first 4-5 weeks until they get brave enough to venture out.

There is a lot to consider when building one of these but first and foremost the comfort and safety of the puppies.

Thankfully Jeff was able to challenge his building skills and design a custom box that is perfect for our needs! We still need sand and lay the floor down before I can get in there to make it soft and comfortable for the little lives it will hold!

Whelping Box Weekend! (‘Read More’ for Pictures!)

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